Bulk-Billed GP Referred Medicare Group Sessions

Take the pressure off yourself with the new tools, tips and strategies you will develop.

“AT LAST! A Simple Program to Take the Pressure out of Raising Happy, Healthy And Confident Kids!”

Remember before you had kids when you thought it was so easy…

Then you had kids of your own and you soon realized that it could be the most difficult job in the world.

Oh, it can definitely be rewarding but we all know it can be heartbreaking too. And it’s not your fault, because there are so many people out there experiencing the same situations.

In fact, you might recognize the following problems…

  • You PRETEND everything is okay and you know very well it’s not!
  • The kids are constantly at each other no matter what you do
  • Your parents are giving you a hard time for being too easy on them
  • Your spouse doesn’t support you or uses a different parenting style that contradicts what you do
  • There is so much conflict that rifts are forming and you don’t know how you will keep your family together
  • You get more and more back chatting, frustration, arguments, blame, criticism and resentment that you sometimes just want to snap and you just don’t know what to do

In these stressful times haven’t you often wished there was some qualified person you could get guidance from to keep your family together and get rid of the anger, disappointment and guilt?

Let’s face it your friends have their own problems. And their advice is based on their own observations and experiences which can be limited.

Besides, relationships and parenting skills just aren’t taught formally. We mostly have to figure it out for ourselves. That is about to change for you.

Now you can discover at least 5 simple skills and strategies to use including …

  • Conflict resolutions strategies to help your kids settle conflict and live more peacefully with all family members. This can empower you when the going gets tough and you will wonder why you had to wait so long.
  • How to dramatically improve your relationships with every member of your family. Explore and understand your values, morals and beliefs and put boundaries in place so everyone respects each other.
  • Simple tools and strategies you can use to create more open communication and trust. You will get tip sheets to take home and use.
  • One magnificent resource to help manage and control your emotions in any difficult family situations. This alone is worth coming for.
  • The four behaviours that can predict divorce with 97% accuracy. Just knowing these “no-no’s” could save your marriage.
  • Timeless values, beliefs and morals you can pass on from generation to generation. And, leave a true family legacy.
  • New skills to help raise confident and independent children that make sound decisions for themselves. Moreover, gain confidence in yourself too.

In 1 hour you can go from confusion to relief.  Here’s how…

What to do?

Attend this revolutionary workshop FREE!

Simply ask your General Practitioner to refer you to Brad Everton for focused psychological strategies and then we can bulk-bill you (currently available to Sunshine Coast Locals only).

Each person with a referral can be bulk-billed.  However, each session is limited by Medicare to a maximum of 10 people.

How to get bulk-billed:

  • Step 1… Ask your doctor for a referral:
    • Psychologist – Brad Everton (Provider No – 4564921J)
  • If your doctor needs to talk to me, my phone number is 0458 360 666
  • Your doctor will fill out a referral form to attend:
    • 5 x Group Parent Skills Training Sessions (Medicare Item No – 80120) and
  • Step 2… Book to secure your place now because there is a maximum limit of only 10 places. The 5-part program will run for 1 hour on a weekday starting 7 February 2018. Don’t miss out! Ring or email today:
  • Step 3… Bring your referral to your first session

RING 0458 360 666 TODAY to Reserve Your Place Now in the Brand-New Family Relationships Workshop…

“On Track Parenting – Raising Your Kids With Confidence and Ease”

Take the First Steps Towards the Family You've Always Wanted...

This is a must for any parent who wants to be sure their kids have the skills to navigate today’s fast-paced modern world with confidence and ease.

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