On Track Parenting - The Missing Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child

At Last!  The New Parent’s Manual to Successfully Raising Happy, Healthy and Confident Kids!

On Track Parenting is the ultimate book for any parent who wants to be sure their kids have the skills to navigate today’s fast-paced world with confidence and ease.

It contains within it’s pages the best-of-the-best tools, tips and strategies gathered over 25 years from Expert Psychologist, Speaker and International Author Brad Everton and is laid out in simple ideas you can use right away.

On Track Parenting Will Help You To:

  • Discover the secret to maintaining open communication that resolves conflict
  • Keep your self-control in trying circumstances using the super-effective “flip switch”
  • Recover quickly when you hit rock bottom so you can bounce back with energy and vitality
  • Eliminate the 3 bad listening habits to improve the connection with your kids
  • Implement the simple model to teach your children so they can solve problems on their own
  • Find the most powerful way to boost self-esteem for your yourself and your kids
  • And much, much more…

Valued at $29.95

Here’s what others have said about On Track Parenting Principles:

“Brad’s strategies in this book rang true for us and helped our teenage son get back on track.  We highly recommend using this manual to anyone facing life’s ongoing challenges.”  – Mary and Richard

“Between counselling sessions I read Brad’s new book “On Track Parenting”.  At 57 my parenting days are mostly over but the tools, tips and strategies in Brad’s book are quite universally applicable as a guide to a happier and more fulfilling life for anyone.

The book is a very easy read and very conversational in style.  It’s like Brad is there talking to you.  The book is bursting with a wealth of analogies, concepts, powerful quotes, models, tools, tips and strategies – all of which are beautifully interconnected in a well-constructed and seamless way.

I recommend this book to anyone who is troubled or confused and in need of clarity and direction.  If you read it you are bound to find particular things that resonate with you personally.”


Father of Adult Children, Queensland

Self-Confidence Booster Affirmation Magnet

This is no ordinary magnet!  The message it contains is designed to

  • –  boost your self-esteem
  • –  keep you motivated, and
  • –  give you strength every time you look at it

And, even though the magnet on it’s own has a powerful message, it is the instructions that come with your magnet that help to get the maximum benefit from the power of the affirmation.

One mum said this concept gave her the strength to keep going on the days when she was feeling like she was struggling to cope.

Valued at $19.95

“I really like how you have managed to find ways to get people started on your strategies without them realising they are doing it. The way you’ve written the book can help people without them thinking there is something wrong with them. And, in fact, if they do have a problem, it makes them feel very normal and gives them some very easy options to help them make their situation better. It is for this reason I would love a copy of the book when it’s finished, to sit on my desk and use as a reference in the future.”


Mother of 2 Young Boys, Queensland

Five Family Rules - Framed and Ready for Your Wall

The Five Family Rules was created as part of a foundation and framework for parents to build stronger bonds with every member of their family.

And, now you can get a framed 8″ x 10″ print of the essential Five Family Rules so you can hang it on the wall as a visual reminder for the whole family and to keep everyone on track.

Valued at $59.95

Here’s how others have used the Five Family Rules:

Single mum used Family Secret #3 with her children (5 and 3) to encourage the behaviour she wanted her kids to practice.

Blended family dad was having trouble readjusting back into the family because of his fly in fly out job, which was causing stress, conflict and confusion in the family.  The Dad was also having behaviour issues with his teenage step-daughter.  Using the 5 Family Secrets gave dad a framework to interact better and make family life more enjoyable when he was at home.


“A must read for all parents.  Fantastic book full of fantastic and easy to understand strategies. A must for any parent.”


Father, Queensland

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