On Track Parenting – The Missing Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child


At Last! The New Parent’s Manual to Successfully Raising Happy, Healthy and Confident Kids!

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Best Parenting Book Using Positive Psychology

Here’s why we believe On Track Parenting is one of the best parenting book available…

Raising children of any age is a massive undertaking and one of the best personal development journeys we take in life.  Between the ages of birth through to 7 years, our kids are just like little sponges and soak everything in.  Then, from 7 until about 14, they are going through the modelling stage.  This is where they watch what is happening around them and copy what is in their environment.  Finally, they reach the socialisation stage where their peers, friends and external influences become their main source of inspiration.

The Good, Bad and Ugly Truth About Raising Kids

The thing is, as they grow, they take on both the good and the bad characteristics demonstrated to them.  And as they become more discerning, they can start to develop behaviours that we may or may not like.  This in turn can create triggers in both us and our kids.

Now, we don’t share this to strike fear into your heart.  We share it to help you become more aware of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours you are experiencing and demonstrating.  And, what we want is to provide you with proven tools, tips and strategies that we feel you are looking for so you can have a more positive parenting experience.  That’s why we believe On Track Parenting is the best parenting book – because it is packed with simple but practical ideas that have been gathered over 25 years by expert Psychologist Brad Everton.

How On Track Parenting Can Help You:

best parenting book creates happier relationships

  • Discover the secret to maintaining open communication that resolves conflict
  • Keep your self-control in trying circumstances using the super-effective “flip switch”
  • Recover quickly when you hit rock bottom so you can bounce back with energy and vitality
  • Eliminate the 3 bad listening habits to improve the connection with your kids
  • Implement the simple model to teach your children so they can solve problems on their own
  • Find the most powerful way to boost self-esteem for your yourself and your kids
  • And much, much more…

Here’s what others have said about our Best Parenting Book:  On Track Parenting

“Brad’s strategies in this book rang true for us and helped our teenage son get back on track.  We highly recommend using this manual to anyone facing life’s ongoing challenges.”  – Mary and Richard

“I found the tools and strategies easy to exercise in my daily life. I’d highly recommend Brad for anyone out there who is searching to shed some light into their world. And I can’t thank you enough for the On Track Parenting program.”– Shelly

“I really like how you have managed to find ways to get people started on your strategies without them realising they are doing it. The way you’ve written the book can help people without them thinking there is something wrong with them. And, in fact, if they do have a problem, it makes them feel very normal and gives them some very easy options to help them make their situation better. It is for this reason I would love a copy of the book to sit on my desk and use as a reference in the future.” – Susan


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