Five Family Rules Canvas – Ready for Your Wall

The Five Family Rules is a foundation and framework you can use to guild your family to happier and more loving relationships.


The Five Family Rules was created as part of a foundation and framework for parents to build stronger bonds with every member of their family.

And, now you can get a framed 8″ x 10″ print of the essential Five Family Rules so you can hang it on the wall as a visual reminder for the whole family and to keep everyone on track.

Valued at $59.95

Here’s how others have used the Five Family Rules:

Single mum used Family Secret #3 with her children (5 and 3) to encourage the behaviour she wanted her kids to practice.

Blended family dad was having trouble readjusting back into the family because of his fly in fly out job, which was causing stress, conflict and confusion in the family.  The Dad was also having behaviour issues with his teenage step-daughter.  Using the 5 Family Secrets gave dad a framework to interact better and make family life more enjoyable when he was at home.


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