Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me and my family?
The tools, tips and strategies shared through On Track Parenting are the same proven techniques that have worked for the thousands of people I have helped to transform their lives and relationships for the better.  So, as long as you implement these ideas, you too can start getting the same positive results.
Are the tools, tips and strategies easy to understand and use?
As mentioned in “On Track Parenting – The Missing Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child,” one of the philosophies we live by is the KISS principle – and you’ve probably heard it before.  The thing is, the way we share it is:

Keep It Simple Smart

So, all the tools, tips and strategies are shared in regular, every day terms that anyone can understand.  This way you can really get a handle on what is shared and then take it and apply it in your own life.

Can I do it?
If others can do it… then so can you!

Here’s what some others have said:

“I got a whole new perspective on how to communicate and resolve issues with my children. As a single mum, it can become very overwhelming raising a teenage boy and a ten-year-old girl but to have a fresh and productive outlook on the way I communicate has made a massive difference in my family life. It really helped me break recurring patterns of communication between my children and now issues are resolved with a lot more understanding and compassion.”

Kirsty – Mother of pre-teen and teenager – Queensland, Australia


“I found the tools and strategies easy to exercise in my daily life. I would highly recommend Brad for anyone out there who is searching to shed some light into their world. I can’t thank you enough for the On Track Parenting program.”

Shelly – Mother of two teenagers – Queensland, Australia


“Brad, I cannot thank you enough for your help, support, tips and strategies that you have shared with me over the last four sessions. You truly are an amazing and inspiring person and a great benefit to this world. Thank you again.”

Natasha – New South Wales, Australia


“I really like how you have managed to find ways to get people started on your strategies without them realising they are doing it. The way you’ve written the book can help people without them thinking there is something wrong with them. And, in fact, if they do have a problem, it makes them feel very normal and gives them some very easy options to help them make their situation better. It is for this reason I would love a copy of the book when it’s finished, to sit on my desk and use as a reference in the future.”

Susan (proof-reader) – Mother of two primary school boys – Queensland, Australia

Are there strategies to control my toddler's tantrums?


The On Track Parenting methods show you how to manage yourself during difficult situations such as dealing with toddler tantrums and it will also help you coach your child on how to manage themselves better.  However, the principles are never aimed at controlling anyone other than yourself.


One mum used The Five Family Rules concept to teach her 5 year old about setting a good example for her toddler brother and said it really helped.

Will I be able to get my teenager to do what I want?

By the time your child is a teenager, they are trying to find thier own sense of identity.

So, the tools, tips and strategies you will want to focus on from On Track Parenting to help you get better results with your teenagers are the ones to promote healthy relationships, mutual respect, and open communication.

You will also find many concepts to help you maintain your own self-control when your child’s behaviour becomes increasingly frustrating.


“As a single mum it can be very overwhelming raising a teenage boy and a ten year old girl. To have a fresh and productive outlook on the way I communicate made a massive difference in my family life with less conflict and more understanding. The advice and information that was shared was really helpful.”


Mother of Teen Boy and Pre-Teen Girl, Sunshine Coast, Qld

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